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Various characters from various shows/movies/games/etc

Let me know if you see yourself =)

Various characters from various shows/movies/comics/games/etc

Let me know if you see yourself! =)

Here come the cosplays!

Various characters from various movies/tv shows/video games

Let me know if you see yourself =)

Obligatory ‘Famous People I Saw’ post.
I think the pics are rather straight forward, thanks to the handy dandy name cards =) 

Misc props and item scattered throughout the main convention hall for photo ops, etc.

Lego creations from the Lego booth at the fan expo.

Have some Homestucks. (If you’re in any pics, let me know =))

I didn’t take many Homestuck pics compared to last year, despite actually being Gamzee this year, because I felt super out of place at the shoot, and wanted to leave pretty much as soon as I got there, I won’t lie.

Don’t get me wrong, though. Vanstucks can be very lovely. But large groups are intimidating.

The PM, though, was adorable, and gave me a letter! I was super excited about that =)

I am super stoked about my staff, I really can’t stress that enough.
Even though I couldn’t get my capelet finished, I am just so happy with that staff.

It’s made from salvaged dead wood, which made it SUPER difficult to put together without the wood splitting, but the overall effect was PERFECT.


All in all, this expo was a lot of fun.
I can’t wait to go to another.

Finally, the last on my homestuck shoot photos.

My next and last post of pictures will just be random photos from the con.