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Back from today’s meet.

I missed being Tav, but I realize I am horrible at staying, or even being, in character for him while at meets, lol

Though, I sort of am debating on doing a human!stuck Tavros ask blog…

Excellent. It would seem Tumblr is finally up and running again.

Right, so. Tavros shirt is finally dry, and I found my black over shirt!
So, Humanstuck Tavros is officially finished once I get a haircut =3

Easiest cosplay ever XP

I think that’s it from Day 1.
Day 2 to follow.
ALL the Striders.

Have some more ship!
Some…I didn’t even knew existed.
I think I’ll still need one more post for the first day

Too many pictuuuures

I was going to wait until i had more of the trolls finished, but I can’t help myself.
My PBJ feels are making me want to post my first two designs together on their own.

Nail art inspired by Gamzee Makara and Tavros Nitram from Homestuck.

And, yes, I already know the purple I used for Gamzee wasn’t blue enough for Indigo. I didn’t have anything close enough on hand at the time.

I’ll post the rest in a few weeks, once I’ve actually done and worn all the designs, lol

You know what sucks?
When you REALLY want to play a proper paragraphed RP line, but there’s nowhere to do it~


My life.

…And, yes, this is also a request.
If someone’s willing to be the Tavros to my Gamzee, or the GHB to my Summoner, that’d be freakin’ sweet.
My aim is xwicketmasterx

Casually hanging out on trollmegle as Gamzee…get continuously hung up on, or find a super awesome Tavros, only to have the player suddenly kill him and become a bad guy.
What is this?